Beijing // part two

Back in Beijing and our trip was already coming to an end. We had a few last adventures, the first of them being a trip to The Wall. This time we visited the section of Mutianyu – complete with a ride up in a cable car, and a ride down in a toboggan. Definitely a highlight of the entire trip!China2019_86China2019_89China2019_91China2019_92China2019_93China2019_94China2019_95China2019_98China2019_99China2019_100China2019_102China2019_103China2019_104China2019_114China2019_115China2019_116China2019_117China2019_118China2019_119China2019_120China2019_121China2019_107
After our trek, most of which I carried Fitz, we stopped and enjoyed another family style meal. A few of us also sampled some baijiu. I passed…China2019_122
The next morning the crew headed to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City to take a look. I forgot our passports, and since we had already visited this area on our last trip to Beijing, we hopped in a cab and headed back to the residence. We made one final trek to the Pearl Market to pick up a few more goodies and then headed to the airport for our journey home. China2019_108
Since it was Halloween, the boys wanted to dress up. Let’s just say, they were a hit!China2019_109China2019_110

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