TTD faves: travel essentials 2019

We are heading back overseas soon and I am on top of things this time around. Kids clothes are already laid out and I am finalizing my pack list. No clue if my kids are going to be total monsters on the long flight, but what I do know is that my tried and true carry on items and flight outfit are a no-brainer!


headphones // These will come in handy when the kids finally fall asleep and I’m so wired that I just want to watch a sappy rom-com and doze.

clutch // When traveling with children, I always end up the “stasher of all things.” I combat this with packing within various clutches within my carry-on.

cute sweat pants // Long flights call for just a little bit more comfort, but I don’t want to look like I just rolled out of bed. These fit the bill!

jean jacket // When traveling, I am almost always wearing my trusty jean jacket. It is the perfect, presentable option.

hydrating mist // Combat dry skin on flights and after with this trusty mist.

brush // Hopefully my hair isn’t a complete mess upon arrival.

wet wipes // I scrub down all surfaces with these upon boarding.

sneakers // One of the bulkier items so it’s best to wear them on. Perfect for chasing kiddos around the airport.

t-shirt // Layering is key for long flights, or any flight really. You will be freezing one moment and sweating because your kid is being a monster the next. Best to be prepared to strip down.

salve // This salve is perfect to use on your lips, but I sometimes use it on my hands too if they are feeling parched.

compression socks // Yes, this may make me old. But it also might be a life saver during a LONG 13 hour flight.

scarf // I always bring a scarf with me when traveling. It serves as the perfect pillow, blanket, eye mask, fort…

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