Life lately: summer’s end

It’s hard to believe that the end of summer is in sight. Kids go back to school this week, and I’m not exactly sure how I feel. Either way, we are trying to pack in all the things before the warm temps and longer days give way to crisp air and darkness by 5 p.m.

[lazy weekend mornings]LifeLately_August2019_02
[enjoying the beautiful garden at Terrace Hill]LifeLately_August2019_04
[saying goodbye to the boys’ preschool]LifeLately_August2019_07
[checking out my sister’s new office building + exploring downtown]LifeLately_August2019_06
[fresh cut from Loyal Sons Barber Shop]LifeLately_August2019_08
[receiving a postcard from Everett’s new kindergarten teacher]LifeLately_August2019_09
[the most random things end up at our house]LifeLately_August2019_01
[the boys enjoyed their annual Aunt Adrianne day]LifeLately_August2019_05[obsessed with all the fall goodies at Hobby Lobby]

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To-Do lists: I love the feeling of putting a check mark in a box.
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