TTD travels: Santa Fe

After a few days for the wedding festivities in ABQ, we were off to continue our adventure in Santa Fe. We stayed at Hotel Santa Fe  which just so happened to be a couple minutes walk to the Railyard District. They boys were absolutely thrilled with this and I proceeded to look up the train schedule so that we could be ready at all times.

[dinner at Second Street Brewery while we waited for the trains]SantaFe2019_11
[early morning walk to visit the trains fueled by Sky Coffee]SantaFe2019_10SantaFe2019_13
[entering the wild world at Meow Wolf]SantaFe2019_14SantaFe2019_15
[crazy surprises around every corner]SantaFe2019_16SantaFe2019_17SantaFe2019_18SantaFe2019_19SantaFe2019_20SantaFe2019_21
[their favorite part]SantaFe2019_22SantaFe2019_23SantaFe2019_24SantaFe2019_25SantaFe2019_26
[highly recommend The Swirl at Tomasita’s]SantaFe2019_27SantaFe2019_28
[dinner reservation at Cafe Pasqual’s did not disappoint]SantaFe2019_29SantaFe2019_30
[well-versed in flying by now]SantaFe2019_02SantaFe2019_01[Delta for life!]

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