Download: Memorial Day Weekend 2019

We had an absolutely amazing family-filled MDW. With visitors in town the entire weekend, we acted as tourists in our great city and it did not disappoint.

[just hanging out after breakfast at La Mie]MDW2019_00003
[our stunning State Capitol Building]MDW2019_00004
[my first Downtown Farmers’ Market of the season]MDW2019_00005
[being goofball while waiting for brunch at Mullet’s]MDW2019_00006MDW2019_00007
[popsicles on the porch]MDW2019_00009
[no trash can is safe in this neighborhood]MDW2019_00010MDW2019_00019MDW2019_00001MDW2019_00014
[such a cheeser!]MDW2019_00012
[pro tip: when the Snookies line is long, just all pile into one car and drive-thru]MDW2019_00016
[Fitzie’s first time tubing]MDW2019_00017MDW2019_00018

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