Life lately: a spring in our steps

It was a long, hard winter people, so excuse me for feeling extra cheery lately with the warmer temps and sunshine peeking through. I’ve been a little quieter on here lately, but we have been here there and everywhere so I thought I’d share a little look into what we’ve been up to.

[scootering inside the skywalks]LifeLately_March2019_00004
[still obsessing over garbage]LifeLately_March2019_00002
[trying out new soup recipes – love this one!]LifeLately_March2019_00005
[getting our spring cut]LifeLately_March2019_00006
[Ev loves going to see his buddy Hutch at Loyal Sons]LifeLately_March2019_00007
[checking out some blinds at the Deer Classic]LifeLately_March2019_00008
[still lookin’ good]LifeLately_March2019_00001
[always my decorating partner – prepping the house for spring]LifeLately_March2019_00009
[celebrating St. Pat’s with friends]LifeLately_March2019_00010
[always stopping at the Webster House while in KC]LifeLately_March2019_00011
[Fitz’s class friend, Foo Foo, joined us for breakfast at Waveland West]LifeLately_March2019_00012
[brunch with friends + kids looks a little like this]LifeLately_March2019_00013[celebrating baby Cam turning one!]


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  1. These are all adorable photos, great post!

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