Thailand 2018 // part five

Waking up Christmas morning in Thailand was definitely different. But as long as the kiddos had gifts in their stockings, they didn’t seem to mind.thailand5_2018_00002thailand5_2018_00003
After scarfing down the cutest pancakes ever, we all got ready to head out on our final excursion. We took vans into town to Discover Catamaran for their day trip to Phi Phi Islands.thailand5_2018_00005thailand5_2018_00007At our first stop they unfurled this amazing blow-up water slide that went from the top deck into the ocean. The ride was epic!thailand5_2018_00016thailand5_2018_00017thailand5_2018_00008thailand5_2018_00009thailand5_2018_00010thailand5_2018_00011
We stopped again after lunch for some more snorkeling and the entire fam got in this time. Both of the boys loved being in the ocean and Everett was an expert snorkeler by now!thailand5_2018_00021
We docked just off the island and got to spend a little time walking around town. The kids bee-lined to the nearest ice cream stand. Go figure!thailand5_2018_00012thailand5_2018_00013thailand5_2018_00014
Back on board, we started our trek back to Phuket and got to watch the sunset from the upper deck. If you make your way to Thailand, put this day trip on your to-do list!thailand5_2018_00015thailand5_2018_00018thailand5_2018_00019
We had a few days left of our trip and we spent them hanging at the house by the pool and getting spa services. Not too shabby.thailand5_2018_00022
The adults even got to go out for dinner on our last night there. It was much needed and the food at The Cosmo was delish!thailand5_2018_00025
On our last day at the house, we were shown how to make a few Thai dishes and sides. My favorite was Pad See Ew, obviously. thailand5_2018_00023thailand5_2018_00024thailand5_2018_00026
Our flights home were a little crazy. We left Phuket at 11 p.m. and arrived in Shanghai around 5/6 a.m. Then we had a six hour layover (yeesh!), followed by a 12 hour flight to Chicago. We arrived in the CHI a little before 10 a.m., but then had the LONGEST WAIT EVER for our bags to finally show up. We finally got out of the airport around 1 p.m. and started our long (and very sleep deprived) drive home. thailand5_2018_00027All in all, Thailand should definitely be on your travel list. It was absolutely beautiful and we would go back in a heartbeat. Well, maybe after some much needed rest!

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