Thailand 2018 // part two

We last left you with photos of the best Pad See Ew I’ve ever had in my life and our adventures in the sea.

Well(ish) rested and coordinated (thanks to some amazing gear from Mott 50) we got ready for our next excursion to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary.

Once we got there, by way of open air trucks (EEK!), we prepared supplements for the older elephants and got to work by feeding them.thailand2_2018_00013thailand2_2018_00014thailand2_2018_00015thailand2_2018_00017fitzieelephantthailand2_2018_00018Then it was onto the next portion of the day, bathing and washing the elephants!

thailand2_2018_00019thailand2_2018_00003Such an amazing experience for everyone. Seeing these beautiful creatures up close and personal is something I’ll never forget.

After we got back to the hotel we got ready to head down the beach for a nice dinner. Little did we know what kind of an adventure we were in for! So glad we have before and after family photos for this one…

After finishing our meal (complete with a beautiful sunset view) we started our trek back to the hotel. However, we did not take into consideration how much the tide would come in over this time period. Needless to say, we got more than a little wet and we lost two phones to the water…thailand2_2018_00024

There is still more Phuket fun in store. The next post with feature a water park and a change of scenery.


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