Thailand 2018 // part one

Jet-lagged like whoa, we arrived in Phuket (technically two days after we departed Chicago) and woke up to this view.

Not too shabby! We headed out our first morning at the Marriott Nai Yang Beach Resort to explore a the grounds and find some breakfast.thailand1_2018_00003thailand1_2018_00004thailand1_2018_00005thailand1_2018_00006Our next stop was the pool which was definitely the highlight for the boys. The lower level rooms at the hotel have access off the deck straight into the pool which they thought was very cool!

[Christmas-y coordinates from Primary]thailand1_2018_00010
[Fitz loved the sunshine and fresh air!]thailand1_2018_00011We walked down the beach to check out the local town area and snagged the first of our many authentic Thai meals. Followed by a sweaty trip to get ice cream with grandpa.thailand1_2018_00012thailand1_2018_00013thailand1_2018_00014thailand1_2018_00015
[I ordered Pad See Ew everywhere I went]thailand1_2018_00016
[more pajama clad breakfast hangs]thailand1_2018_00017
One of our mornings, we decided to head out for some snorkeling. The water was a little choppy and the lifejackets were a little big, but the kids had a good time anyway. And most importantly, Everett snorkeled for his first time ever!thailand1_2018_00018thailand1_2018_00019thailand1_2018_00001thailand1_2018_00002thailand1_2018_00020On our way home, we stopped over at a local beach to swim and have a cold beer (or two). thailand1_2018_00021thailand1_2018_00022Once back on our beach, we proceeded to eat more Thai food (which you will see is the theme of this trip!)

Up next: more food and a bath with a few elephants!


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