TTD faves: Jonas Paul Eyewear

Earlier this year, during a screening at his preschool, we found out that Everett had failed his eye exam. Since neither Marcus nor myself wear glasses, we were very surprised and also completely unsure of how to proceed.

Enter Jonas Paul Eyewear.

After hearing about them via social media, I checked out their website to find out more. Jonas Paul was founded by Ben & Laura Harrison after their son was born with a rare disorder, Peter’s Anomaly, which causes opacified corneas and glaucoma. When they were hunting for glasses for their son, they were frustrated with the limited fashionable eyewear options available for kids. It’s their mission to help children feel beautiful in their glasses and provide sight to children in need with every pair of glasses purchased with their ‘buy sight, give sight’ program.


Another bonus is that they offer a home try-on kit! Knowing that Everett, a very wild four-year-old at the time, would get to give his specs a test run was such a huge relief for me in helping him find the ‘right ones.’


I placed the order for the tortoise pack and it was mailed right to our door. Each kit comes with seven affordable frame options for your little one to try on and test out. Literally, Everett found his favorite pair and wore them around for the next few hours to get used to them. We also took photos of him in each style and sent them around to family members so they could weigh in too!

After all the feedback, there was a clear winner: the Paul in Striped Maple.


We placed our order and were shocked at how quickly they came. Everett immediately put them on and has been so great about wearing them ever since. One of the first things people say upon meeting him is always something about his “darling” glasses. And I couldn’t agree more!


This post was created in collaboration with Jonas Paul Eyewear.
Thank you for supporting the brands we love at Tomorrow’s To Do’s!

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