Download: a girls weekend in Omaha

Over the weekend, my sisters, mom and I hit the road due west to have a quick little getaway. Coffees were sipped, deals were snagged and lots of laughter ensued. Here’s a little look at all the fun we had.

[first stop: snaggin’ deals at the outlet mall]OmahaGirlsWknd2018_02
[refueling at Timber Wood Fire Bistro]OmahaGirlsWknd2018_06
[first stop of day two was the most beautiful]OmahaGirlsWknd2018_12
[if you are in Omaha, then Mulhall’s is a must]OmahaGirlsWknd2018_13
[their Christmas decor was so dreamy]OmahaGirlsWknd2018_14
[I wanted them all!]OmahaGirlsWknd2018_15
[and then this beaut in the greenhouse]OmahaGirlsWknd2018_16
[mid-afternoon necessity from Karma Koffee]OmahaGirlsWknd2018_17
[last shopping stop at the Regency]OmahaGirlsWknd2018_19
[the coolest concept for a food court I’ve ever seen]OmahaGirlsWknd2018_18
[artwork outside of our dining spot: Blatt Beer & Table]OmahaGirlsWknd2018_20
[early breakfast at Saddle Creek Breakfast Club to beat the crowd]OmahaGirlsWknd2018_21
[the cali club was freakin’ amazing]OmahaGirlsWknd2018_22[as was the epic buffalo plaid wall tile]

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