Download: 20+ years of friendship

It’s not every day that you get to continue to celebrate and create more memories with people you have known for over 20 years. Well, I did just that with a group of gal pals this weekend and it was just what I needed.

[Brew Ales & Eats in Perham, MN]MNGirlsWknd2018_00008MNGirlsWknd2018_00010MNGirlsWknd2018_00011MNGirlsWknd2018_00012MNGirlsWknd2018_00014MNGirlsWknd2018_00016MNGirlsWknd2018_00019MNGirlsWknd2018_00022MNGirlsWknd2018_00023
[East Silent Lake Resort: the perfect setting for our girls weekend]MNGirlsWknd2018_00027MNGirlsWknd2018_00026MNGirlsWknd2018_00025MNGirlsWknd2018_00024

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