Sonoma + San Fran

This trip has been in the making for quite some time now. Three other couples joined Marcus and myself for a long weekend in Sonoma. And while I am now in detox mode for the time being, I thought I would share a few (ok, a ton of) photos and fave locations from the trip.

The fog had already started to set back in when we finally made our way north after meeting up with my aunts and uncle for lunch at Spruce in the city. The drive over the Golden Gate bridge just never gets old.SonomaSanFran_2018_00001

We had snagged the perfect Airbnb house located in Glen Ellen, complete with a pool, and the views from the deck were breathtaking. SonomaSanFran_2018_00003SonomaSanFran_2018_00005SonomaSanFran_2018_00006

I woke up the first morning and decided to go for a walk on the roads near the property. The moon was still out and the sun was just starting to peak over the mountains. It was absolutely stunning. SonomaSanFran_2018_00011SonomaSanFran_2018_00012SonomaSanFran_2018_00013

We all got ready for a day of delightful wine tastings. SonomaSanFran_2018_00015

First up was Gloria Ferrer. We sat on the balcony that overlooked the vineyard and sipped champagne – not a bad way to start the day!SonomaSanFran_2018_00016SonomaSanFran_2018_00018SonomaSanFran_2018_00019

Up next was my favorite winery of the trip, Scribe.SonomaSanFran_2018_00020SonomaSanFran_2018_00022SonomaSanFran_2018_00023SonomaSanFran_2018_00024

We happened to be there on the day Sarah and Evan Rich, of the San Francisco neighborhood haunt, Rich Table, were there. These two Michelin star chefs were creating food pairings focused on inventive approaches to classic Northern California ingredients. It was all so delicious!

Up next was B.R. Cohn, which we are all members of, and it did not disappoint. It was a great winery with an adorable shop. SonomaSanFran_2018_00027

Our last stop of the day was Ledson. We went in and purchased a few bottles for us all to share while sitting under a massive tree. It was definitely picturesque. SonomaSanFran_2018_00038SonomaSanFran_2018_00036SonomaSanFran_2018_00040SonomaSanFran_2018_00044

[Real life: I had too much fun on day one that I missed day two completely. I was pretty bummed about it, but the crew also hit up Ferrari-Corano, Copain and Ridge.]SonomaSanFran_2018_00047

The next morning we all headed to the ocean and stopped in Bodega Bay for some fresh seafood. Spud Point Crab Co was perfect for this cold, drizzly day and the clam chowder was the perfect temperature. SonomaSanFran_2018_00050SonomaSanFran_2018_00052SonomaSanFran_2018_00054

We stopped into Gourmet au Bay to enjoy a little bubbly while we waited to meet up with another couple. Then we were off to Fisherman’s Cove for fresh oysters.SonomaSanFran_2018_00056SonomaSanFran_2018_00058SonomaSanFran_2018_00060

On our way back to the house we made one last pitstop at Mantanzas Creek to hangout and play a game of bags.  SonomaSanFran_2018_00062

For dinner that night, we Ubered into the nearby city of Glen Ellen to enjoy some amazing food at Glen Ellen Star. The pizza that we started with was to die for!SonomaSanFran_2018_00065

The next morning we were up and out early to make the drive back into the city.SonomaSanFran_2018_00066

We all needed a little pick-me-up, so we grabbed coffee and espresso from Royal Ground Coffee while we waited for Dragon Beaux to open. SonomaSanFran_2018_00067

Good thing we had called ahead to make a reservation because this dim sum place was packed with a line out the door. I have never had so much food served to the table in one sitting – it was truly crazy!SonomaSanFran_2018_00069SonomaSanFran_2018_00068

After we rolled ourselves out of the restaurant we made a quick pitstop to see the ocean one last time before we headed to the airport. It was a great trip and I’m sure I’ll be paying for it all week!

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