Friday faves

PanoraPlayground[seeing them play together makes my heart soar]

The FIFA World Cup is right around the corner – starting on June 14. A little background here: ever since my dad took my sisters and I on a trip to Slovenia/Croatia/Bosnia during World Cup 2006, we have been a wee bit obsessed with all things FIFA. So knowing that this was coming up, I had to snag some jerseys for the boys to wear!

I was just introduced to the brand Parker Thatch last week and already am eyeing a few things: particularly the camo belted bum bag (hands free with the kiddos!) and the monogrammed eye masks.

I love having festive + themed jammies for the boys, and these two pairs (for Ev // for Fitz) from Gap just scream Memorial Day Weekend. Bring on the burgers and dogs!

Target is on fire lately! Just this week they announced aย new collaborationย and three new only-at-Target brands. Can’t wait to see all of them in person!

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