Friday faves

PanoraPlayground[seeing them play together makes my heart soar]

The FIFA World Cup is right around the corner – starting on June 14. A little background here: ever since my dad took my sisters and I on a trip to Slovenia/Croatia/Bosnia during World Cup 2006, we have been a wee bit obsessed with all things FIFA. So knowing that this was coming up, I had to snag some jerseys for the boys to wear!

I was just introduced to the brand Parker Thatch last week and already am eyeing a few things: particularly the camo belted bum bag (hands free with the kiddos!) and the monogrammed eye masks.

I love having festive + themed jammies for the boys, and these two pairs (for Ev // for Fitz) from Gap just scream Memorial Day Weekend. Bring on the burgers and dogs!

Target is on fire lately! Just this week they announced a new collaboration and three new only-at-Target brands. Can’t wait to see all of them in person!

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