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FitzBreakfast[Fitz living his best life]

Target has been killing it lately and so has my mom in snagging some amazing finds for her daughter (me!). A few of my faves lately: a black + white dot dress and an embroidered tunic. Both are perfect for the warmer weather we’ve been getting lately.

Have you guys heard about the newest collab that will bring West Elm and Pottery Barn Kids? The collection will bring a modern look to nurseries by mixing the classic mid-century design that West Elm is known for with chic and playful Pottery Barn Kids styles. Here is a little look at a few of the pieces that will be available starting May 10.

If you are local, there is an amazing plant swap happing this Saturday at The Foundry put on by the lovely folks at Nine Square Feet. They believe that “every person who has the desire to garden should have a garden, big or small – regardless of financial or other limitations.” I LOVE THAT!


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