Life lately: spring has sprung

As of this past weekend it finally feels like spring has arrived here in Iowa. And, boy, did we need it!

We have been spending every moment that we can outside soaking up that vitamin D and making all sorts of memories in the process. Which is why posting on here has been slow and sparse as of late.

You can always follow along with our family on Instagram. I have an undying love for Instagram Stories and love sharing our daily antics there!

[celebrating a birthday with friends]OutdoorFun-Spring18_2
[snagging some sweet lefty clubs for Ev at the Adel garage sales]OutdoorFun-Spring18_3
[officially terrorizing the neighborhood]OutdoorFun-Spring18_4
[helping grandpa plant new rose bushes]OutdoorFun-Spring18_9
[partners in crime]OutdoorFun-Spring18_5
[learning about controlled burns]OutdoorFun-Spring18_6
[acting like a teenager]OutdoorFun-Spring18_10[I hope it stays spring (and they stay this small) forever!]

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