Friday faves

[he’s always on the move]

After Marcus and I made it through a self-imposed “frugal March” I was feeling the need for a little shopping this week and J.Crew was having quite the sale. I snagged this striped tee because out of all the stripes in my closet, I don’t have a short sleeved version. (Also added to card: gingham bow tie, camo shorts and cerise tie top)

Everett failed two eye screenings recently and is going to the eye doctor today for the first time. Neither Marcus nor I have glasses, so we aren’t quite sure what to expect, but dang he is going to look so stinkin’ cute in specs. I’ve already been doing a little research and I love some of the pairs from Jonas Paul Eyewear. Stay tuned…

I will forever be Sandlot obsessed, so when I saw this spot on The Today Show I may have freaked out.


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  1. Lisa Rea says:

    You’ll want to purchase his glasses locally. Kids glasses often need adjusted, repaired and maybe even replaced. (Accidents happen! ) My oldest son started wearing glasses in second grade. At that time Lenscrafters had a great replacement program, and they were fast!

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