Southern California // part three

Now that we have the kid-friendly places covered, I thought I would share a few places that the adults snuck away to that I found to be absolutely delightful!

First up is the cutest little coffee shop I’ve ever seen, Parakeet Cafe. They source local and natural ingredients to ensure that the “flock” receives only the best.


Growing up, Marcus’s great uncle Ron co-owned a condo in Leucadia, a sleepy beach town feet from the ocean. He would spend weeks with U.R. and couldn’t wait to visit a few of his favorites. On of which was the Potato Shack Cafe in Encinitas with it’s “manhole size pancakes.”SoCal2018_42SoCal2018_44SoCal2018_45

On a search for strong local caffeine joints, we discovered Better Buzz. This SoCal chain received a gold star from me on most beautiful interior design and outstanding tile work.SoCal2018_49SoCal2018_50SoCal2018_51SoCal2018_54SoCal2018_55SoCal2018_56SoCal2018_57

While exploring in San Diego we came across a ton of these succulent planters hanging outside of various business fronts. I’m obsessed.SoCal2018_58SoCal2018_60SoCal2018_61

One of the cutest and best curated stores we checked out was Pigment. I literally wanted to buy the entire store. They even had the most perfect children’s section. SWOON!SoCal2018_62SoCal2018_63

Feeling a little hungry after all of our shopping (and increased caffeine intake) we stopped into the California Tap Room. Upon seeing their advertisement of “hand rolled soft pretzels” we were sold.SoCal2018_65

A quick pre-beach morning coffee run landed us at Sugar and Scribe. Home of Food Network Champion Chef Maeve, it is the quintessential La Jolla hangout and was pretty packed while we were there. SoCal2018_68

Phew, finally got through the whole trip. As you can imagine, we were all pretty exhausted and needed another vacation after our vacation.


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