Friday faves

IMG_0391.jpg[caught orange-handed]

Over the holidays we got new appliances in our kitchen and switched from an electric to gas stove. My husband is in heaven, but I’m constantly freaking out because Fitz has been turning on the gas! After a quick heads-up from a fellow mama about these safety covers, I think we should be able to feel a little more relaxed in our kitchen now.

We were looking for a quick meal last weekend and Marcus found this Chicken Parmesan Stuff Shells recipe via Food Network. I can definitely see this one being a repeat in our household!

One of my favorite things that my Grandma always had out in her kitchen was her changeable wooden block calendar. I have a black and white version similar to hers in my office at work, but I love this one from McGee & Co.


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  1. Great recipe! I thought at first it was the Cheetos thoughXD

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