Download: Christmas 2017

This week I was back to work and back to blogging and am looking forward to a great 2018!

I spent my break with the boys and our families and wouldn’t have it any other way. Thought I’d share a peek into the craziness that was our life over the past couple of weeks.

[Home Alone on repeat for my mini McCallister]Christmas2017_11
[Branstad cousins]Christmas2017_14
[Haas cousins]Christmas2017_04
[the biggest little cheeser there ever was]Christmas2017_15
[Santa’s view from above]Christmas2017_16
[the loot]Christmas2017_10
[obsessed with Fitzie’s new snow boots (similar)]Christmas2017_02
[the cutest personalized name blocks from Bannor Toys]Christmas2017_03
[this Gathre playmat was a hit!]Christmas2017_06{my little reindeer]Christmas2017_01
[getting into trouble, per usual]Christmas2017_05
[even found some time for myself #selfie]Christmas2017_07[that included a trip to St. Kilda for their delicious lattes]


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