Everett’s trash bash

Last weekend, nestled in with all the holiday activities, we celebrated Everett’s fourth birthday with the most amazing birthday theme ever: TRASH.

I love indulging Ev in his love for garbage trucks, so I felt it was fitting that his birthday party be a reflection of just that. I mean, the kid’s pick up line when first meeting people is ‘when is your trash day?’ CLASSIC!

[mini trash cans were made into favors filled with caramel Chex mix]EverettFourthBday2017_05[things get a little funky when your birthday is close to Christmas]EverettFourthBday2017_06EverettFourthBday2017_08
[pre-party calm with Kevin McCallister]EverettFourthBday2017_09EverettFourthBday2017_10EverettFourthBday2017_11
[amazing cookies via Confections by Kelly]

We even got our local garbage man, Scott from AJS Sanitation, to stop by so the birthday boy could hop up into the cab for a few moments. I am convinced that it was the happiest I’ve ever seen him!


The day wouldn’t have been complete without singing Everett’s favorite song…Happy Birthday. EverettFourthBday2017_21EverettFourthBday2017_22

[notice he is singing along saying “happy birthday to me”]


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2 Responses to Everett’s trash bash

  1. Shirley Dreiling says:

    Evie looks so very happy! I know you pull out all the stops to make your boys enjoy life & from the looks of this, you threw him one heck of a party!! I am so hoping I will get up there to see all of you & spend some time getting really acquainted with the little ones. I want that so much! I miss seeing all of you since I have been pretty well Haysbound the last three years when Mom wasn’t able! You all meant the world to her,and so glad I was able to take her to see everyone as much as possible over the years! I know it meant so much to her! Hoping to see you all in January!! By the way, what a happy, terrific little guy Evie islittle guy Evie is! Happy Birthday to you Everett❣️Love you all!!

  2. Eric says:

    Not often do I say something is magical but watching Everett’s 👀s was magical!

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