My travel essentials 2017

We are heading over to China very soon and on top of trying to not completely freak out about a 13 hour flight with two small kids, I’m also tasked with packing everyone. So if you happen to run into me within the upcoming weeks and I look a little haggard, you know why!

I will be doing a recap of everything once we are back, including how the boys handled the long flight, but before I leave I thought I would let you know what I’m wearing on the flight and what I’m carrying on for myself. Because, you know, we are important too!


headphones // So who actually knows if there will be a moment where I’ll actually get to put these on and watch a show or listen to some soothing music, but they are coming along just in case…

t-shirt // Layering is key for when your sweating up a storm from toddler meltdowns and strangers looking at you with judging eyes. This tee is the perfect base.

scarf // Can be used as a pillow, blanket, eye mask, fort…the possibilities are endless!

clutch // I pack multiple clutches within a bigger bag for traveling, it helps find things easier. A pouch for travel documents (passports, IDs, tickets), one for snacks, one for electronics and chargers.

face wipes // Flight face can be gross, so these are great to have along to wipe off your smeared makeup before “trying” to get some semblance of rest.

sneakers // A bulky item to pack sometimes, so why not wear them on. Plus, you’ll inevitable be chasing your kids the entire time anyway. Get those steps in girl!

sweatshirt // Cozy, yet presentable. That’s my goal for long flights and traveling. I plan on wearing this after arrival too under a more structured blazer.

hydrating mist // My skin gets dry on long flights so I snagged this recently at Target to try out. I’ll let you know what I think.

brush // Let’s face it, my hair will most likely look like a hot mess by the time I arrive at our destination. But at least I can take a brush through it and say I tried.

salve // This salve is perfect to use on your lips, but I sometimes use it on my hands too if they are feeling parched.

leggings // These leggings are the perfect length and have the best rise. They truly feel like second skin.

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  1. quinncove says:

    Love this! ❤️

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