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This past weekend we were in recovery mode from what seems like a very busy past few months. Our days were filled with the following:

[practicing our chopstick skills at H’s Pho for our upcoming trip to China]MidOctober2017_02
[catching up with my sister while sippin’ rosé at The Cheese Shop]MidOctober2017_03
[doing homework: painting our family tree for school]MidOctober2017_04
[staying in our pajamas all day; sans pants for Ev]MidOctober2017_winepsd
[cataloging wine in our humble cellar]MidOctober2017_05
[having charcuterie for dinner]MidOctober2017_06
[admiring my grandpa’s handiwork]MidOctober2017_09
[taking mid-day ottoman naps]MidOctober2017_10[checking our list twice while perusing the holiday aisles at Costco]MidOctober2017_11
[keeping restraint in the alcohol aisle – how COOL IS THIS?!]MidOctober2017_12
[brisk four-wheeler rides to the mailbox]MidOctober2017_13[succumbing to “I don’t need a nap” naps]

About tomorrowstodos

To-Do lists: I love the feeling of putting a check mark in a box.
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