Crated with Love

Marcus has been out-of-town a lot late due to both work and hobby commitments. So after he came back from a week-long elk hunt in Colorado preceded by a weekend gator hunt in Louisiana, we needed a date night. STAT.

Only problem was that I was exhausted and didn’t really feel like getting ready and going anywhere, let alone jump through hoops to find childcare for the boys.

Enter Crated with Love.


Crated with Love was created to help you keep the best part of your relationships alive and thriving through love and laughter with creative, simple date ideas shipped right to our doorstep.


Unlike other subscription boxes, every item in each box has a designated purpose in building skills in your relationship. Crated with Love has one clear goal: to help build a community of couples while improving relationship skills through their date activities.


Marcus and I really enjoyed these two activities from our date night in a box. The first of which was fun to think back to our first date and when we first met, Mad Libs-style. After completing the questions and filling in the blanks, we reminisced about our earlier, pre-kids selves. We were so young!


I could definitely see us pulling out the Perfect Pairs deck of cards again! The reasoning for some of our ‘matches’ was quite comical.

All in all, it was a fun, easy way to take time to reconnect on a week night when a date outside the home just isn’t in the cards.

CratedwithLove2[date night in a night-gown = sexy]

This post was created in collaboration with Crated with Love.
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