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FourthofJuly42[coming soon to the Branstad garden]

Target is shaking things up again with this new announcement. Do you think that means some of the underperforming lines are on the chopping block? I fear Merona is one of them even though I own quite a bit of it…

If you are local to the area, I highly recommend checking out Table 128 Bistro + Bar’s Bounty Dinner series. Every Tuesday in July, they feature a special two-course meal celebrating the freshest offerings from our local farmers and purveyors. Special shoutout to my girl Jenny over at Dogpatch Urban Gardens who will be featured next week – July 11!

I am in full on planning mode for Fitzgerald’s first birthday party coming up in less than a month. While researching all sort of random things I came across Oh Happy Day. After falling down a very colorful rabbit hole, I realized Jordan is my spirit animal.

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To-Do lists: I love the feeling of putting a check mark in a box.
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