Download: Fourth of July 2017

[bringing home Ev’s artwork makes my day!]FourthofJuly2FourthofJuly3FourthofJuly7
[all the heart eyes // pajamas on super sale!]FourthofJuly8FourthofJuly9
[fell asleep on every boat ride]FourthofJuly12
[my favorite lake sandals from Okabashi]FourthofJuly13
[#roséallday on repeat for the long holiday weekend]FourthofJuly16
[Mr. Safety]
[check this one off of the Branstad Summer Bucket List]PorchSits
[porch hangs with the boys]FourthofJuly36PottyTraining[oh yea, and we did potty boot camp this weekend too! #soproud]

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8 Responses to Download: Fourth of July 2017

  1. Looks like a fun 4th! We are desperately trying to potty train right now too so I am open to anything that worked for you! My daughter went almost ALL DAY yesterday in underpants without any accidents, but then woke up this morning and just wasn’t feeling it and refused to put undies on. I work full time, so it is hard getting her into a potty training routine since she is at someone else’s house during the day. She is definitely smart and aware enough to do this, she is just very choosy on when she wants to participate!

    • Everett is 3.5 and was ready, just needed some hand-holding and incentives. We did a potty chart, m&ms, prizes and a lot of praise. He pretty much ran around with just a tee and undies for four days straight. He had his first day back at school today and sat on the potty but didn’t go all day 😬 Went as soon as he got home though. Still a work in progress for sure.

  2. Troy haas says:

    Nice pictures of your family Hope to see your family at reunion in August on Grandma’s birthday! Love your cousin Troy Haas

  3. Troy haas says:

    Where was the pictures taken of the cows? Are you guys wet in Iowa? We have been blessed with a lot of rain buy unfortunately hail came with it. Todd and. Your dad got all of their. Wheat hailed on but one farm. Todd is still cutting .I am putting up hay.

    • Yes, the cattle are on a small farm that we pass on the way to the lake house. Everett loves to stop and roll down his window to talk to them. We got storms last week, but are drying out now. Dad told me about the hail – such a bummer!

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