Download: Mother’s Day weekend 2017

My third Mother’s Day weekend (since formally joining the club) has commenced and with it came lots of memories…and photos.

We kicked off the weekend with dinner at my parents’ house on Friday where we celebrated both my mom and my dad, who celebrated his birthday last week. We enjoyed food from our favorite local Italian joint, Marino’s, and managed to save room for ice cream after. I guess the food + chaos must’ve been too much because I didn’t manage to capture any of it on film!

On Saturday morning, I got dressed up to attend what will be the last tea at Terrace Hill for my mother-in-law and our family. It is one of my favorite events every year, and while open to the public, attending in the future just won’t be the same.

I made sure to document as much of it as possible. MothersDay16MothersDay15MothersDay14MothersDay13MothersDay12MothersDay11MothersDay10MothersDay9
[quick break from the fun to feed this nugget #wristrolls]MothersDay8

After the tea was over, we stuck around and Everett and his cousins decided to help out the gardening team by watering the flowers. Well, that quickly evolved into a dip in the fountain out behind the house. MothersDay7
Saturday afternoon, in between tea and Mass, I had a little downtime so I put on my favorite Dwell + Slumber gown and sipped a root beer while looking at a Pottery Barn catalog (who am I?!).MothersDay5
Mother’s Day morning started with a 5 a.m. wake up call thanks to Fitzie. He must not have gotten the memo. Everett followed around 7 a.m. while daddy whipped up a delicious breakfast, complete with a mimosa.MothersDay4MothersDay3

That morning, we spent time outside planting two new peony plants (my favorite!) and playing with the boys. MothersDay2MothersDay1My Mother’s Day concluded with a solo trip to Target, laying out poolside with my sister and a dinner with Marcus’ family.

I’m so incredibly blessed to be mom to my two boys and I can’t wait to celebrate that fact all over again next year. Until then, I’ll just be livin’ that mom life – wiping snot and using the phrase “please use nice touches”!

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