Friday faves

KarlUnderCovers.JPG[Karl under covers…per usual]

Sorry for the radio silence folks…

I snagged a case of the pukes from my little carrier monkey (Everett) over the last weekend and have spent most of this week still in recovery mode. It’s amazing how children can bounce back from illnesses. Me? Not so much. I don’t think I’ve been that sick in quite a while.

I don’t necessarily do ‘downtime’ that well, so when I couldn’t nap during the day to recoup lost hours of sleep, I decided to check out the Netflix series called Abstract. I’m a couple of episodes in and really loving it!

We are looking forward to Easter festivities this weekend and I can’t wait for the boys to get decked out for the main event on Sunday. Everett will be sporting a preppy blazer that I thrifted for him and Fitz will be rocking some amazing seersucker suspender pants. #swoon

We don’t really have anything planned for Saturday morning, so I thought waking Ev up with this darling bunny toast would be a fun way to kick off the weekend.



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