New babe faves

Ever since Fitz has come along I’ve clung tight to a few of my tried and true faves from when Ev was a little guy, but I have found some new baby items that I’m pretty excited about too. Here are just a few:


1 // Little Unicorn burp rags: I love the size and fabric used on these and if you are in the market for a swaddle or two, Little Unicorn has darling prints.

2 // Freshly Picked moccasins: I missed the boat on these for Everett, but I’ve already amassed a small collection (Velvet Night and Weathered Brown) for Fitzie.

3 // Tory Burch leather bracelet (similar): Instead of using a hair tie on my wrist, I decided to upgrade this time around when trying to keep track of which side to nurse on next. My older version of this leather bracelet does the trick and looks good too!

4 // Kickee Pants: My sister bought this brand for her second and I loved how soft and lightweight the items were, so I picked up a few for baby #2. The pieces can be a bit pricey, but I’ve been able to find sales here and there.


5 // June & January essentials: Ever since I first found out about this company via one of my fave bloggers, I haven’t been able to stop purchasing. Both Ev and Fitz have a lot of their clothing, but their new newborn essentials have me swooning. I wrap Fitzie up in their basic blankets daily.

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