Air trip: Buffalo

This past weekend the entire Haas family headed east towards Buffalo, New York, in order to attend my cousin’s wedding. Everett has been talking about airplanes and the airport non-stop lately so this trip was definitely right up his alley.

Here are a few highlights:

After some flight and airline switches, we ended up making our way east a little later than planned but Ev didn’t seem to mind. For the most part he was a good little flyer. Thank goodness for his favorite Little Einsteins episode and lots of fruit snacks. Toughest part at this age were the layovers. Homeboy just wants to run and run which is not conducive to busy airports.

IMG_3198Of course he decided to sleep on the flight where he sat next to dad. Typical. IMG_3199
After a Friday night get-together, everyone loaded up and headed out to Niagara Falls on Saturday morning. My mom and I (and the two youngest) decided to stay on land for the excursion which ended up being a blessing in disguise. One of the wedding party groups (including my family) got stuck for almost an hour in an overcrowded elevator on their way down to the Maid of the Mist boat. Um, no thanks! Pretty sure considering it was 90+ degrees that day that I would’ve flipped out, and potentially gone into labor. Best. Decision. Ever.IMG_3204
After checking things out from a safe distance, we headed to cool off with some ice cream from Twist O’ The Mist. Ev was a fan, and since I was pretty much soaked with sweat, so was I!IMG_3212
Everyone arrived back at the hotel later in the afternoon and enjoyed some much needed pool time. The kids had a blast and Everett is turning out to be quite the little fish. I for see lots of trips to the pool in our near future.

The wedding wasn’t until Sunday evening, so we loaded up the kids and headed to Buffalo Harbor State Park to play for awhile in the morning. Wouldn’t you know, Ev spotted a digger clear across the parking lot and made a beeline for it. Grandpa thought it would be a good idea to let him go on it (yikes) but at least managed to get a great photo during his law breaking experience. IMG_3217
So here is the kicker from the trip. No photos from the actual wedding we were there to attend. Why? Well, we’re going to just chalk it up to a specific toddler and his affinity for drama. In hindsight, we should have just kept him back at the hotel for the ‘wedding/vows’ portion and brought him over for the dinner/dancing. Alas, we spent the evening post-meltdown sitting in bed with room service. Such is life!

On Monday morning the ladies got a little reprieve and did some shopping at the Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls while the kiddos and gents headed to Canalside for their Memorial Day Weekend carnival. Based on the photos we received, I’m not quite sure who had more fun: grandpa or the grandkids.

Our flight wasn’t until the afternoon on Tuesday, so we decided to hit up a local diner en route to the airport. If you are ever in Buffalo, I highly recommend trying out Lake Effect Diner. Order the blueberry pancake stack. You won’t be disappointed. I’m talking, “best pancakes I’ve ever had” status.IMG_3224

It was a great trip, but I’m definitely glad to be back home. Now the official countdown to Baby B starts. Just a measly eight weeks to go!

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