Mommy mind: what’s in a name

Post gender reveal we decided to dive into name world for baby B’s arrival later this summer. We figured there is no sense in starting down that road before we know the sex of the wee one. Plus, it helps weed out the options.

We were pretty much dead set on Everett’s name, so we had no problems whatsoever. Here is a little background on his full name’s meaning:

Everett // From a surname which was derived from the given name EVERARD. Means “brave boar”, derived from the Germanic elements ebur “wild boar” and hard “brave, hardy”.

Meyer // Variant of MEIR. Means “giving light” in Hebrew. It also coincides with a German surname meaning “mayor, leader”.

Everett was always boy name #1 on our list, and Meyer is after Marcus’ uncle Ron Meyer, whom we all loved dearly. A very fitting name for our strong-minded little cub.


Now on to baby #2. I will say we have painlessly narrowed our boy names down to two contenders and middle name has been locked in. We are planning on staying pretty tight-lipped on this one until July, so if you see me don’t try to get it out of me (or Marcus for that matter).

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