Big boy room

With the new bambino set to make his/her arrival in July, we are starting to think about how Everett will be transitioning from his crib to a new room and a big boy bed. He has never tried to get out of his crib and for that I’m grateful and hesitant about rocking the boat.

With so many changes ahead for him, I want to make sure we have the time before the baby arrives for him to acclimate to his new room/surroundings.

Of course this means I get to design and plan for a new room – yippee! I’ve started to purchase things here and there in anticipation, but in the meantime have created this mood board to capture the look I’m going for.


Target Pillowfort sheets // DIY wall banner // fox storage bin // round paper card 
lamp // duvet set // deer pillow // Faribault throw // night stand // wire storage

Once his big boy room is ready, I’ll be sure to share a few snaps over here on the blog so you can see how it all came together.







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