Plaid you came

I know. I tend to overdo it a bit (ahem, a lot) on birthdays, but it truly is fun for me to create and play. I know not all parents feel this way, but it is a way for me to flex my creative side.

This year was no different, and because I’m obsessed with plaid my son was given a pattern as a theme. Ha! I’m sure he’ll look back at these photos with a serious look of confusion. Screw Mickey, give me tartan!

I created some super cute paper invites to send out to family. Tip: this is how I keep the crazy to a minimum. There will be plenty of years where he’ll have friend parties. For now, just family for us.

IMG_2245[cute plaid party gear from Target, of course]IMG_2244IMG_2247
[plaid tree cookies by Confections by Kelly]IMG_2249[simple Hy-Vee cake + a homemade banner]IMG_2246IMG_2255[blowing out the candles before the song was over]IMG_2280IMG_2282[sisters in non-planned matching plaid]

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset[no pants = sign of a successful party]

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