Holidays at the log home

There is nothing I love more than decorating my home for the holidays. Turning on the Christmas tree lights for the first time of the season is pure bliss. And this year, I’m even more excited as it will be our first holiday season in our log home. Bring on the faux fur. Bring on the antlers. Bring on the cozy!


1 // I’ve always loved the look of needlepoint stockings and Lands’ End’s version looks great hanging from any fireplace. Especially ours!

2 // My sister-in-law knows me so well and gifted me this Pier One plaid and gilded deer pillow that fits in perfectly with our guest room colors.

3 // I own something very similar to these golden antler candle holders, but I think I may just have to spray paint them gold.

4 // Saw this rustic rug at Target and knew it had to be mine. I for see lots of snowy boots wiping off on it in the near future.

5 // I plan on doing some holiday cookie decorating this holiday season and these mommy + me aprons from IKEA are just perfect. Now, the mess we make while decorating, that’s a whole other problem.

6 // When Everett is ready to snuggle at night he runs and grabs this faux fur throw from a basket and brings it to the couch. It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.

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