Air trip: France // part one

Wheels up at 6:25 a.m. and we never looked back – off on our first overseas adventure together post-baby, and boy, it did not disappoint.

Thanks to Marcus’ frequent flier status, we were able to relax and fly in luxury the entire way there. Oh hey lie-flat beds. I have since informed him that I will not be doing any more coach class trips. #spoiledmeforlife

France 2015: real crystal[“wow, that’s real crystal. put it in your purse.” #unclefrank]

After catching up with Katniss and Co. and snagging a few zzz’s, we woke up in Paris. Since our time in the city of lights was limited (a little over 24 hours to be exact), we hit the ground running. Well, dragging mostly.

We dropped our bags at our hotel and fought off every urge to just dive bomb onto the mattress and spend our day in Paris exploring the inside of our eyelids. Off we went in the direction of the Eiffel Tower by way of the Tuileries Garden. We actually ended up winding through a neighborhood which gave us an amazing (read: non-touristy) view of the tower as we approached it.

France 2015: Eiffel Tower France 2015: Eiffel Tower Selfie

After a few photos and even a selfie or two, we deemed it necessary to get our first cappuccino + croissant of the trip at a nearby cafe.

France 2015: cappucchino

Feeling fueled, but yet still super jet-lagged, we continued our trek towards the Arc du Triomphe and meandered down the Champs-Élysées until we hit our next destination, the line outside the Louvre. (Travel tip: If you are planning on visiting the Louvre, go ahead and skip the line by buying your tickets online in advance.) We did not heed this advice and ended up spending the same amount of time outside as we did inside.

France 2015: Louvre line France 2015: Louvre outsideFrance 2015: Louvre insideFrance 2015: MonaFrance 2015: VenusA quick trip back to our hotel to freshen up (and avoid making eye contact with the fluffy pillows on the bed) and we were off again – next stop: Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris. Well, first macaroons, then Notre Dame. Old churches are one of my favorite things to visit on vacation. They just don’t build them like they used to. So impressive.

France 2015: Macaroons France 2015: Notre Dame France 2015: stained glass

Needing to snag a few small souvenirs to take back for my nieces, I forced Marcus to continue on to another destination. I first read about Merci in Goop’s Hipster Paris Guide, you know because I’m so hip, and knew it’d be a place to find some cool items to take home.

At this point we had literally hit a wall. We forced ourselves to sip champagne and scarf down some cheese and charcuterie at nearby La Maison Plisson then practically crawled back to the hotel. Minutes later we passed out from sheer Paris exhaustion.

France 2015: La Maison Plisson

Up next: we head south via a train (eventually) to the land of lavender and vin…

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