Labor Day lake life

This past weekend we spent the last few days of “summer” at the lake house as a family. The warm weather and newly purchased paradise pad made for the perfect combination to usher in a new season. Here are a few of my favorite snaps!

Labor Day 2015_1 Labor Day 2015_2

Labor Day 2015_3

Labor Day 2015_4
[real life: I’m a toddler]Labor Day 2015_5
[the girls named the mat Red Hatcha]Labor Day 2015_6
[goofy daddy]
Labor Day 2015_7

[grandpa has his hands full with these three]Labor Day 2015_8 Labor Day 2015_9 Labor Day 2015_10[what a difference a year makes]

How did you say goodbye to summer this past weekend? Are you ready for the seasons to change?

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