Download: Fourth of July 2015

I must be getting old because it takes me at least until Wednesday to recover from a long holiday weekend. We had a blast at the lake and spent most of our time decked out in patriotic outfits, spending time with family and enjoying the great outdoors.

FourthofJuly2015_2 [Evie and Sofia staying out of trouble]

FourthofJuly2015_6[Grandpa teaching Ev how to drive the boat]

FourthofJuly2015_3   [getting up close and personal with dinner]

FourthofJuly2015_8[donut holes and a parade – what could be better?!]

FourthofJuly2015_9 [testing out the waters]

FourthofJuly2015_5 [touchdown in the kiddie pool]

FourthofJuly2015_4   [this kid loves the water]

FourthofJuly2015_1[such a beautiful view]

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