Father Julian

This past weekend we hopped on a plane with family to head west for 48 hours. The reason: my dad’s brother (he is one of thirteen children) was celebrating 50 years of being a priest in Colorado Springs.

We are very blessed to have a priest in the family. (Fun fact: My dad spent a year in the seminary before leaving. He met my mom shortly after.) Fr. J was a concelebrant for my wedding and my gelato eating partner in Rome when I visited during my college years.

I have fond memories of celebrating Sunday morning Mass, crowded into my grandma’s living room while still in my pajamas. It always was so special to me that I got to experience Mass in that sort of setting. So close and personal.

We all had a great weekend catching up with family from across the country to celebrate Father and this amazing accomplishment.

IMG_9942[the most beautiful view from the hilltop]IMG_9943[Our Lady of Angels Friary in Colorado Springs]IMG_9989[hanging with the Capuchins for the weekend]IMG_9993[My sis Morgan snagged this amazing photo]IMG_9949   [little man out wandering around]IMG_9979 [Evie loved his cousin Alex!]IMG_9964[Brookie baby and her mama]IMG_9986  [family is everything]IMG_0007  [a few silent moments on the flight home…it didn’t last long]IMG_9998[my little angel babies in front of some Templeton whiskey barrels #parentsoftheyear]

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