Tiny dancers

We are beyond blessed to get to call seven special ladies our nieces. They more than make up for what we are lacking in the glitter and pink department around House Branstad.

Growing up with two sisters, our lives were filled with many activities and dancing was one of them. I even spent a few years traveling with a competition team. So when the annual recital time comes around I get very nostalgic about sequins and tutus. So much so that I can’t make it to the intermission without tearing up a time or two.

I absolutely LOVE getting to see my nieces all dressed up, on stage performing their little hearts out. #proudauntiemoment

Everett dressed up at Terrace Hill[all dressed up for his cousins’ recital day]
Everett dressed up at Terrace Hill 2[cute even when he makes goofy faces]Branstad Family dance recital 2015  [where did all the babies go?]Haas grandkids 2015[between Ev’s hands on his knees and Brookie’s rolls…it’s all just too much]

Sidney Dance Recital 2015[Aunt Mo nailed it with this amazing photo of Sidney. I want to cry every time I see it]Family photo dance recital 2015[Marcus loves dance recitals ;)]

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