Creative calm

I’ve been working lately on finding a few quiet moments during the day to focus on my creative side. In the past couple of weeks that came in the form of doing some light embroidery and (FINALLY) creating an official logo for my freelance design work.

IMG_9296 IMG_9295 IMG_9330

I have found that doing something with my hands helps me slow down after a busy day of working and toddler rearing. And having a glass of vino near by helps too!

How do you slow down after a long day?

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1 Response to Creative calm

  1. Great design! As a talented graphic designer, if you have some spare time, would you be able to check out a graphic design piece me and my team created for an app firm in silicon valley. The design is for an app called “Mr. Popular.” It would be awesome if you could give us some feedback on the design. Thanks so much!

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