Obsessed: boys will be boys

I have two sisters and seven nieces, so raising a boy thus far has been an eye opening experience. Everett is loud, has overly sweaty feet and loves to wrestle. And even though he is only 14 months old, I can already tell that he is all boy.

Being a mom to a boy has been such a joy! I get to play with all the toys I never had growing up in a house full of girls. I get to indulge him in a little roughhousing on our unmade bed before bath time. I get to dress him up like a lumberjack in flannel shirts. I get to bathe him more often because of the layer of dirt he seems to accumulate. And I get to hold him every night trying not to think about the fact that one day he will be bigger than me. Okay, that last one makes me want to weep.

In honor of all things little dudes, here are some of the fun boy things we love at the Branstad household:


Carter’s pajamas: We are huge Carter’s fans at our house, especially their PJs. Cute and affordable is a winning combo in my book. That also might be why Everett has about ten pairs. Whoops.

Star Wars bath toys: Everett got these as a Christmas gift from his Aunt and Uncle and they are mainstays at tub time. I will add that his dad is a huge fan of these as well!

Shark wet/dry pouch: I just purchased one of these for our upcoming trip to Arizona and I know it’ll get a ton of use this summer as well.

Nike Free 5.0: These are Everett’s only pair of shoes right now. Perfect for the on-the-go toddler.

Kids camo tent: We play with this tent on a daily basis in our house. He gets the biggest kick out of mom being inside the tent. So do I! Especially when it involves kisses through the mesh screen.

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