Obsessed: cope with winter


Serial podcast: I’m not exactly sure how this helps me cope with winter, but it does help me cope with my longer commute. (Which I guess becomes longer during the windy/snowy/ice-filled months.) I blew through season one, and I still have my doubts about whether Adnan is guilty or innocent, but you best believe I’ll be tuning into season two when it airs this year.

Tasman slippers: I’m pretty sure I’ve raved about these in the past, but they are just the best. They keep my feet cozy indoors, but work just as well as a shoe if I need to run outside to take Karl out.

Lilly for Target: Just when I think winter will last forever, I got a nice little reminder that summer will be here before I know it in the form of the next Target collaboration. Yep, I will be outside my nearest store on April 19th to score some colorful gear.

Aveeno lotion: I don’t know about you, but even with humidifers running throughout the winter, my skin gets dry and itchy. I lather up with this Aveeno lotion daily to try to combat said skin. The lavender scent is a bonus!

Lands’ End down parka: This was by far the most practical Christmas gift I received. With a longer rural commute, I figured it was time to have a legit winter coat. Yes, I have lived in Iowa most of my life, but have always seemed to get by with a lighter winter jacket. I’m obsessed with the shimmery olive color. So much more fun than the basic black.


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