Obsessed: trick-or-treat

Since I was a little kid, Beggar’s Night was one you didn’t want to miss. Going door to door in full costume (usually with a turtleneck underneath because it was too cold) to tell jokes and collect candy is every kid’s dream. We would get home and dump our haul on the table and ogle all the sugary goodness, picking out a few pieces to devour with the rest going into baggies to enjoy for weeks to come. (More on the DSM joke-telling custom here via The Des Moines Register.)

With my birthday falling a few days before Halloween and a penchant for dressing up, it should come as no surprise that I’m particularly fond of this spooky holiday.


Scare Us Hill: Once again I am on the committee this year (yours truly designed the invites!), and the main event is going to be better than ever because Halloween falls on a Friday night! Got kiddos? Then you should definitely check out Scare Us Hill: Trick-or-Treat at Terrace Hill this Sunday!

Carter’s gear: Everett has many Carter’s pieces (you can’t go wrong with camo), but I particularly love their holiday specific collections. This year’s crop of Halloween gear for the little ones does not disappoint!

Personalized treat bag: I almost purchased this goodie bag for Everett, then realized he can’t even walk and doesn’t eat candy. Maybe next year…

Howell’s Pumpkin Patch: This has always been on our annual to-do list but this year was SO MUCH MORE FUN because Evie was along for the ride!


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