Mo’s fall fest

In honor of my little sister’s birthday today, she has been recruited to list her fall obsessions. (Just like last year.) Break it down Aunt Mo.

YOU GUYS. I’M BACK. Round two of my Fall Faves. I know you were all waiting for it.

Last year was all about PSL, cozy sweaters & new pairs of boots. While I’m sure those things won’t be in short supply this year, my focus has turned to the most important thing in my life – family. I’ll have a new niece to add to the crew (CAN’T WAIT!), my favorite little man, Ev, will hopefully start walking soon & I’m sure Sidney will keep us all in stitches from the stories she tells.

While I enjoy the greatness that is FALL with my family, here’s what I’ll be wearing & rocking out to:


FASHION: A few items that have caught my eye.
1.Who says you have to be going back to school to rock a backpack
2. Pretty sure I’d live in this
3. Channeling my inner witchy woman.

BEAUTY: While summer calls for sun-kissed skin and minimal makeup, I’m excited for bold brows and lipstick.
1. I have way too many lip products but one more won’t hurt, right? 

2. Time to branch out from the brown & black staples.
3. All the beauty Youtubers rave about it so I think I’ll give it a try.

MUSIC: I’m serious about my jams.
1. Ed Sheeran: I’ve followed his rise to fame and just saw him in concert for the 2nd time with my brother-in-law, Jim. If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard ‘The A-Team’ or ‘Sing’, I recommend checking out my personal favorite, ‘Thinking Out Loud’.
2. Hozier: With an album release slated for sometime this September, you’ll have to settle for listening to the EPs for now. Start out with ‘Take Me to Church’ and ‘Like Real People Do’.
3. Brandi Carlile: I was introduced to her a couple years ago by my best friend, Emily (thanks Em!). I have to warn you, her voice will hit you like a ton of bricks – lots of feelings. Some of my favorites are: ‘That Wasn’t Me’, ‘My Song’, and ‘100’.

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  1. Shirley Dreiling says:

    Love your choices Morgan ~ Hope you have a great day!!

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