Fairly fun

Our trip to the fair was definitely different this year. I managed to sneak a peek at the miniature houses, scarf down a corn dog and try out this year’s fruity fair square. That was about it.

It was wall-to-wall people on Saturday afternoon and getting around with a stroller and a toddler in tow made it quite difficult.

Iowa State Fair 2014[had to go with the footlong]

Everett camo hat[a family that wears camo hats together, stays together]

But we did get a front row seat at the Governor’s Charity Steer Show which was definitely worth it. The money raised from this annual event in its 31st year is donated to the Ronald McDonald Houses of Iowa.

Governor's Charity Steer Show 2014

Evie got a little antsy mid-show, but for the most part enjoyed the state fair in all of its glory!

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