Mommy mind: weaning

LactationRoomToday was my first day of not pumping at work. (I will admit, I still packed up my pump but I left it in the car just in case.) I made it through the day without bursting, and for that I am grateful. Now get me a glass of vino!

I am in awe of all the mommies out there who are able/choose to breastfeed for so long. It’s a lot of hard work,ย dedication and selflessness. Breastfeeding has come quite easily for me, but I finally decided I wanted my body back. Sorry Ev, the store is soon to be closed.

I have been in the process of weaning down from pumping three times aย day at work to zero and that day is finally here. And with it has come the flux of hormones again. Yeesh, I can’t wait until they level out because for me they have brought lightheadedness, fatigue, hot flashes, anxiety and more. If you breastfed, did you feel any of these when you stopped?

I have a few more weeks while I slowly take away his morning and bedtimeย feedings one at a time, but I’m ready to close this chapter. Adios lactation room!


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