Air trip: Nashville

This past weekend I learned the difference between a trip and a vacation. Don’t get me wrong, I love experiencing new places with Ev, but I can finally say that I’m ready for a getaway for just Marcus and myself after this trip.

Our little guy did great for the most part. Just a five minute crying spell on the flight into Nashville, a couple middle of the night wake-up calls and some massive blowouts at inopportune times (i.e. Hard Rock Cafe and Grand Ole Opry). Other than that, he rolled through Nashville in style wearing cute outfits and a gummy, one tooth grin.

KitchenNotes[homemade biscuits at Kitchen Notes]

Adventure Science Center

[science is cool at Adventure Science Center]


[the official party]

Pinewood Social

[the coolest place I’ve ever bowled – Pinewood Social]

Pinewood Social: cans

[cool can art next to the bowling alley]


[oh you know, just hanging out with Carrie Underwood at The Hermitage]


[grandpa’s favorite grandson]

IMG_7159[that gummy grin]

And no Nashville trip would be complete without dancing on the Grand Ole Opry stage. [Complete with commentary from dad.]

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