Obsessed: where my dads at

In honor of Father’s Day this weekend, Everett’s dad decided he’d like to do his own obsessed post. Get excited people!


Pflueger Trion Spinning Combo: Great mid-priced rod and reel combo. Perfect for the fisherman in your life.

Columbia PFG fishing sportswear: I’ve been in my fishing gear (shirt + shorts) non-stop lately so that I can spend any and all free time that I get out on the water. Check out the monster walleye I caught while wearing them. Good luck outfit? I think so.

WTSO.com: I love great wine at great prices and this website is a one stop shop for those wanting to stock their cellar. (Download the app so you never miss a deal!)

Brushy Creek State Park: Located a little over an hour north of Des Moines, this is an ideal place to set up camp with the family. In addition to the lake, this park is loaded with excellent facilities and amenities.

[Shout out to my husband in honor of his first father’s day: Marcus, seeing you interact with Evie makes my heart swell with pride. You are such an amazing dad and I am enjoying watching you grow into a role you were destined for. We love you!]

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1 Response to Obsessed: where my dads at

  1. Shirley Dreiling says:

    Marcus ~ I can see you had a wonderful 1st Father’s Day and it is a true joy to see you with your beautiful son! You look like a true natural as a Dad, and you can see the love and joy in your eyes in every photo I see of the two of you!! Such a beautiful family!!

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