Road trip: Pella

This past weekend we loaded up the car and headed over to Pella, Iowa for the day. We missed their annual Tulip Time Festival a couple of weeks ago and were hoping to still get a peek at the late season blooms. Copious amounts of almond paste and a picnic in the town square followed…

photo 1 (5)[that’s my boy: Evie checking out the goods]

photo 1 (6)[these were perfection]

photo 2 (5)[a mandatory stop: Jaarsma Bakery]

photo 4 (3)[Vermeer Mill]

photo 5 (4)[Dutch for the day]

I pulled this insert from the Sunday paper a couple of weeks ago and am making it my summer goal to do more day trips around our great state. Do you have any must-see Iowa towns/attractions that should be on our list?

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