A shout out to mamas

This Sunday will be my first Mother’s Day and I now understand the true importance of it.

Becoming a mom is by far the greatest (and hardest) thing I’ve ever done. Not a day goes by (more like minutes) that I don’t worry/care/obsess over my son. It is both exhausting and rewarding at the same time. To know that I had a hand in creating a life is such a powerful thing and it has forever changed me.

So moms, take an extra long shower this weekend/get a mani/run a child-free errand – whatever your heart desires, and know that you are appreciated, loved and amazing!

Still looking for LOCAL last minute gifts for your mama? Look no further:


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1 Response to A shout out to mamas

  1. kiley says:

    happy first mothers day to you, sweet mama! thanks for the badowers shout out! i think it’s a great mothers day gift too 🙂

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